Friday, October 21, 2016
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ACC 3D Model Launched Tonight

3d Model Launch


We've just returned from the ACC 3D Model Launch night (many thanks to the council for the invitation).  Very exciting times ahead as the Adelaide City Council launched their 3D Model online planning tool, which has been under development for while now.  We were given an excellent demonstration on how the 3D Model worked, with panoramic views of our city's skyline, how data overlays such as height limitations, heritage sites, potential development sites, buildings under proposal would look like.  And we even had a chance to have a play with the tool ourselves.

The terrain data is what you would expect from applications such as Google Earth, however this is built on a technology called Terraexplorer, which is a commercial tool used in all sorts of applications such as defence but very good as a planning tool.  Model data isn't quite as detailed as Sensational-Adelaide's own 3D Models as it is primary based on aerial photography rather than onsite shots but we're told this is currently under development so expect to see more in the coming months.  All in all, the end product is very polished, very user-friendly, extremely useful as a planning tool, very open in that the public can access the tool, and it is also an Australian first for 3D modelling of an entire CBD.

Congratulations to the council, and the development team.  You've done a great job.

You can check out the model for yourself by going here.

For more discussion, photos and video from the night check out our forum thread here.

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