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Adelaide Airport rail link

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 5:58 pm
by Ho Really
I think one of Adelaide's next major transport projects should be a tram or light rail link to our new airport terminal. I would prefer a light rail system that would bring travellers to the Adelaide Railway Station than a tram, however both have their routes and advantages. Give your thoughts.


Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:06 pm
by alfer7_3
hey, i think a tramline along Sir Donald Bradman Drive from the airport and then along Grote Street connecting to the glenelg line in vic square would be perfect. the tram could then go to the train station. this way it would pass through the centre of the city(vic square) with all the development happening around there now will be more vibrant in the future and then pass some of the hotels on noth tce and also other transport routes of king william, currie and grenfell streets. I think it would be hard to have a light rail which doesnt follow a road from the airport as there isnt much open space and it would cost alot to buy up properties to develop one however that would be a great and fast efficient connection to the airport from the city. cheers

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:10 pm
by Froggy
I don't think a rail connection to the Adelaide Airport is necessary at all.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:54 pm
by AG
Light rail may work, but it'd require a far greater reconstruction of Sir Donald Bradman Drive than for the reconstruction of King William Street for the current approved extension. I'm not so sure a tram line to the airport would sustain a decent patronage considering the current J1 and J2 services to and from the airport to the northern suburbs via the O-Bahn already do a reasonable job.

The rail links that were built to serve the airports in Brisbane and Sydney started off as total disasters. Patronage on Brisbane's Airport Line did pick up a couple of years following 9/11, but is still quite low, however, Sydney's Airport Link has never really gotten out of financial trouble. The 2 stations at the International and Domestic Terminals see few passengers, and most trains passing through are for suburban passengers heading in and out of central Sydney to or from the suburbs via the East Hills Line. Melbourne has been smart enough to leave a corridor for a future rail link to Tullamarine, but it won't be building it any time soon as there really isn't much demand for one.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:37 pm
by Tom
Froggy wrote:I don't think a rail connection to the Adelaide Airport is necessary at all.
Is that all you got is it.....your just being frickin negitive now... atleast provide some worthy reasons to why you disagree with it.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:00 pm
by Ho Really
Did you guys see my post below in the: Glenelg Tram Line Upgrade thread.
Redback20 wrote:some sort of rail link for the airport-CBD is a must. I've had mates from interstate and overseas comment what a great airport we have but then can't believe the metro/train doesn't link it to the City when its only 6kms away.

Is this proposed Ho or just what you'd like to see, i wasn't sure from your post?...
Redback20 responded to an earlier post of mine and I responded as follows:
Not sure whether the current government or Transport SA have got anything in mind, I do however. I have always had grand visions for Adelaide transport, and I guess a few others on this forum have as well. There are options for a tram and light rail system to the airport. The tram could link the city via Sir Donald Bradman Drive and connect to any tram line in Grote Street or West /North Terrace. The light rail option would link the city by a purpose-built corridor (which is already there, but requiring some tweaking) that will connect to our broad-gauge railway system (which hopefully will be standard-gauge by then) in the Mile End area and bring travellers to the Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace.

Take a good look at a map from that part of town and see where the light rail can be incorporated. It has been staring at me for years and I am stupified no government has ever thought of it (well, at least not made it public). Do you guys want hints?

We could add the Keswick Interstate Terminal as well, but that would lengthen the route slightly. Guys give me your thoughts.

Can you guys see the corridor I am talking about? It's not Sir Donald Bradman Drive. Take a guess.


Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:12 pm
by AtD
Are you talking about the storm drain? I guess that could work, although it'll cause a bit of literal NIMBYism, as it would be people's back yards you're talking about.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:43 pm
by Ho Really
AtD wrote:Are you talking about the storm drain? I guess that could work, although it'll cause a bit of literal NIMBYism, as it would be people's back yards you're talking about.
Good onya Adam, you win the prize. This idea is not that far fetched. The government if it wishes, just like it has done with the South Road underpasses, can acquire land. There won't be any NIMBYs to worry about.

Jokes aside, there will be portions of some properties (backyards) that would have to be purchased so that there is enough room. However it will all depend on whether there will be two lines or only one. Either way, the train on this line would be quick. There won't be any intermediate stops between Adelaide Railway Station and Adelaide International Airport. Passengers won't see much of people's backyards because of the speed. Also there will be fencing, etc., and/or planted trees. Any suggestions?


Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:55 am
by AG
Okay, I wasn't quite sure of the route you were referring to, and I'm still not quite sure. Has anyone got a map of the route the strom drain follows? In any case, I don't think the airport alone would warrant a rail link of any sort, since it doesn't generate that much traffic, most of it would be from commuters living along the route.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:10 am
by Froggy
Tom wrote:
Froggy wrote:I don't think a rail connection to the Adelaide Airport is necessary at all.
Is that all you got is it.....your just being frickin negitive now... atleast provide some worthy reasons to why you disagree with it.
No I'm not being negative, Sydney has a train direct into their airport, which is great BUT they already had the train network there to be able to do it, it takes a long time to get to the airport from the CBD due to traffic so it is warranted. It takes stuff all time to get to the airport here even in 'heavy' traffic and a airport bus link is sufficient, much like Melbournes. Melbournes model is perfect for us and their airport is a mile out of the city.

But wait, let me guess, it's OK to use Melbourne as an example of trams in the city but not for buses from the airport...

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:42 am
by Will
I think that a tram line to the airport is a good idea, and if the tram replaced the current bus service to the airport, then it would be well patronised. However I don't think that the tram should travel down Sir Donald Bradman Boulevard. It would be better if the tram travelled from the CBD down Currie Street, and then along Henley Beach Road. Upon reaching Airport Road (which has a very wide median strip) the tram would divert towards the airport. (look it up in your street directory)

I prefer Henley Beach Road, because it already has quite a few cafes and restaurants, and a busy retail precinct. A tram line, running down the street would enhance the precinct, but also provide visitors with a more attractive entry into the city.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 1:58 pm
by Froggy
The concern with henley beach road is that it's probably not wide enough for a tram line down the middle. It could only support one way. I'd rather see an ambitious underground direct train link up, go underground from the city train station to the airport.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 2:07 pm
by Tyler_Durden
Not necessary at all. There just wouldn't be the demand to make it at all viable. The bus service that already caters for this is fine. If this city is to have further light rail or trains then it really should be servicing daily commuters.

If, one day, a transport line is required to service the western suburbs, then sure, add a short detour to the airport but a specific line to cater solely to the airport will never be necessary.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 2:55 pm
by Redback20
With future economic growth in mind (such as discussed by Lang Walker in the Buckland Park thread), increased prosperity, air travel and SA population/migration growth, I think its vital we continue the example of vision and innovation set for our fair city by Col Light. There's already the start of growth in the airline and international markets in particular once Tiger arrive here - others will follow them. Take a look at european airports at what happened when low-cost operators moved in.

As I said previously, these cheap air services are drivers of tourism not followers. They sell/market the city for you in some ways. But if you fly heaps of asian and/or european tourists into our great new airport, then they walk out of Baggage reclaim to see, well what... Go wait for a bus, and don't forget to lug those heavy cases with you...

Have you been to Asia or Europe recently? a rail or tram link is as mandatory as an airbridge at the gate. If we're going to be serious about attracting large numbers of overseas tourists - and I'm talking about over the next 20-30 odd years, then we need to invest in such a link and capitalise on it in such a way (as Alfer mentioned) that it showcases the best the CBD has to offer en route. Its about 'Adelaide Ltd' in partnership with tourism drivers like these airlines.
A tram/rail stop at Arrivals and tourists whisked into Vic Square or North Tce in minutes - this is the 21st century, we're talking about planning for our city's long term future. No reason the airport should be end of line, in fact given its so close it shouldn't be, take it into the western suburbs, extend the tram from City West maybe...

But if you wait until a link becomes absolutely essential to maintain tourist figures then you're already too late, these operators work on incredibly tight margins and will be gone. It happened with a number of French airports and Easyjet a couple of years ago. Not enough infrastructure or commitment... too much hard work for tourists, plenty of other places that aren't, off they go... route loses numbers, service untenable... and chopped. Worst of all, a precedent set for others.

O/T but similar argument for expanding the suburban tram & train networks whilst our traffic is still relatively light. Cos when our roads become clogged in 20-30 years time, closing roads for major construction projects will majorly impact business and the city's economy... again its already happened in france and the UK, but they're at the point whre they have no choice. Its either build them or accept gridlock.

We have a wonderful opportunity in the benefit of hindsight as our traffic levels are still a decade or two behind these countries. So use it, think ahead and invest now whilst the corridors are still there. Col Light made us the best planned metropolis in the southern hemisphere, lets keep the reputation

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 5:24 pm
by skyliner
Well said Redback. It's all about vision and confidence in the city's future. I don't know thart Adelaide has 1.3 mill. yet, but waiting until the need arrives (like they have with water and infrastructure in Brisbane) causes all kinds of difficulties.

I agree that some kind of rail link is becoming mandatory for airports in cities. The cheaper air services will produce greater demand for transport
in Adelaide. Linking Vic.Sq. via Groye St. and Henley Bch Rd. seems to be the way I would see as well. It is not far from the city and so would not be excessively expensive. Much cheaper than going to Pt.Adelaide when a railway ALREADY exists. If serious contemplation of such a line can take place, why not the airport - possibly extending to West Lakes.

One thing I would improve is the seating in the trams if thery are used. Too hard in comparison to the buses and trains.