SMH - Rann's vision shows the way in economic renewal

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Re: SMH - Rann's vision shows the way in economic renewal

#16 Post by claybro » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:34 pm

for the record, I too voted for Rudd as I thought it time for a change..but it is not Kevin who is leading this government (nor it would seem Julia) and as for the current shambles being offered up all sides is..., well let history be the judge. I mearly stated things were in comparison, pretty good back then, both politically and economically.

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Re: SMH - Rann's vision shows the way in economic renewal

#17 Post by Aidan » Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:01 am

claybro wrote:No, but the pair of them have spent tens of BILLIONS on useless non economically viable projects instead of better infastructure and handed out cash for people to buy flat screen TV's in response.It is only the mines that keep us afloat. At least Jerry Harvey was happy with the result.
I see you have swallowed the opposition's propaganda, but the reality is quite different. The projects you describe as useless were actually rather useful, and when you factor in the extra tax revenue that the government got as a result, the claim that they weren't economically viable starts to look a bit dubious. In hindsight there were of course many things that could have been done better, but what was done was a lot better than nothing.

It wasn't instead of better infrastructure, it was as well. It was the Howard government that neglected infrastructure (even though they ensured the Darwin railway was completed they didn't do much else) and a big increase in infrastructure spending was part pf the Rudd government's response to the GFC and it has remained high under Gillard.

Handing out cash was a way to revive the stalled economy quickly while everything else was still in the planning stage. It's something the opposition initially opposed but subsequently claimed to support, unlike the other measures which they initially supported but subsequently claimed to oppose!

The mines did not keep us afloat - commodity prices were low and the mines were as eager to lay off staff as everyone else. What kept us afloat was the government decision to prioritize keeping the economy productive. Once commodity orices recovered, the mines helped our dollar recover more quickly, but they weren't the reason we avoided recession.
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Re: SMH - Rann's vision shows the way in economic renewal

#18 Post by Waewick » Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:56 am

the problem with the current Government is quite simply no one has any respect/confidence in them.

until they address that, they are gonski - which given no one has any respect or confidence in the other guys makes it an interesting situation.

Personally, I can't stand Gillard, I think she has done a few things well and a few things poorly, but its the stuff she has done poorly that is ultimately going to cost her (oh and her voice and persona.... :hilarious: )

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