Uber vs Taxi

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by monotonehell » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:20 am

ghs wrote:
Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:52 pm
I think everyone would agree that taxis have provided poor service in the past. But not all of this
can be attributed to the taxi drivers or owners. It's fair to say that the government and the taxi council
haven't regulated the industry well...
Why is it always up to the government to regulate industries into behaving properly?

It's almost as if capitalism doesn't work or something...
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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by ghs » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:37 pm

It amazes me that this website is all about South Australia, but then with the exception of myself, everyone on here would prefer to support an American company (Uber) rather then a local taxi company. It's ridiculous.

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by mshagg » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:31 pm

Sorry was this an "interesting discussion" as you originally posted or just a setup so you could pass judgement on people's morals? Your previous post seemed to acknowledge that the industry was letting its customers down; we're supposed to just suck that up because "offshore profits"?

Unbelievable that you'd criticise people for using a service which took customer service seriously from the get-go, rather than requiring the taxi council or government to 'regulate' it. Think about that for a moment - an industry that gives so few fucks about their customers that they dont offer a quality service because they're not forced to by government.

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by rev » Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:45 pm

ghs wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:37 pm
It amazes me that this website is all about South Australia, but then with the exception of myself, everyone on here would prefer to support an American company (Uber) rather then a local taxi company. It's ridiculous.
I want to spend my money on a quality service that doesn't try and rip me off. When the Taxi Industry cleans it self up, it's drivers stop sexually assaulting women(I here cases have dropped significantly), when it's drivers maintain clean vehicles outside and especially inside, when it's drivers maintain roadworthy vehicles, when it's drivers start to obey road traffic rules/laws, when it's drivers stop eating while with passengers, when it's drivers stop talking on the phone in a foreign language while with passengers, when drivers stop trying to rip passengers off by taking them the long way to their destination, when drivers actually start turning up on time every time, when it's drivers actually provide a quality service and learn to be friendly and sociable with passengers, perhaps more people will favour using a taxi instead of an Uber.

Uber drivers are encouraged to provide even magazines for passengers, because they get rated after each trip.

Where do I rate a taxi driver GHS?
Taxi companies don't care.

As others have told you, you can't track a taxi. You can track your Uber ride.
Uber drivers have to provide national police clearances, driving records, etc.

Now a taxi driver who is driving off the books, who is getting paid cash in hand on a Saturday night, has he had his national police clearance? Does the Taxi company have his police clearance? The answer is no to both questions.

Uber drivers are in their own personal cars, or in lease cars. They are liable for both.
An off the books taxi driver, which is the case with most taxi drivers these days especially since Uber came along, are in the plate owners car.
They don't give a shit what happens. You can see it in the way they drive. Illegal u turns, illegal parking, speeding, many can't even stay within their lanes..

Who do you feel safer with?

They had the monopoly, until now. Now instead of cleaning up their industry, instead of providing a better service, they are complaining to the government to protect their monopoly. Or their drivers are protesting at the airport and getting violent attacking each other and uber drivers. Those drivers who got violent, who I guarantee you are on visas of some sort, should have had their visas cancelled and been deported.

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by [Shuz] » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:29 am

One of the few times I wholeheartedly agree with you 100% Rev. You hit the nail on the head.
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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by rev » Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:05 pm

Illegal no more: 98% of SA Uber drivers complying with the law

Rideshare giant Uber has won a further 12 months' accreditation in South Australia after demonstrating high levels of legal compliance among its Adelaide drivers.

Bension Siebert

According to figures released to InDaily by the Government today, 98 per cent of Uber drivers were found to be fully accredited during compliance checks at Adelaide Airport in August and September.

The Government confirmed this morning that it had renewed Uber’s accreditation to operate a passenger transport service in the state for another 12 months.

It says the company has demonstrated compliance with transport laws, driver accreditation requirements and the collection of the $1 taxi industry compensation levy.

Uber had been in a public standoff with the State Government after it entered the SA market in late 2014, continuing to operate its app-based rideshare service without legal accreditation up until March this year, when the Government announced it had reached agreement to accredit the rideshare platform. The service was accredited for six months, which has just expired.

Hundreds of Uber drivers had been fined for operating without accreditation while the company was operating illegally.
Compliance figures released by the Government today show that almost all Uber drivers checked at the airport were accredited drivers although, 10 per cent had failed to get a required vehicle inspection.

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said in a statement that it was encouraging “to see Uber is doing the right thing and complying with the law”.
“The Government’s accreditation processes have been set up to ensure that operators, drivers and vehicles involved in point-to-point passenger transport services are safe, whether they be taxis, chauffeur vehicle or rideshare services,” he said.

“It’s critical that all vehicles have passed roadworthiness inspections and all drivers have had the required checks to establish they are fit and proper people to be providing these services, including medical, police and working with children checks.”
The Government has been unable to confirm whether it still sends undercover compliance officers to pose as customers to catch wayward passenger transport drivers.

An Uber spokesperson told InDaily it was “pleased with the progress made and that our accreditation has been renewed”.
“We’ve been working closely with drivers and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on the implementation of the regulatory reforms,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the Government has this week introduced new legislation into State Parliament creating tough new penalties for passenger transport services and drivers of all kinds – including taxi and Uber drivers – who break the law.

If the bill passes, fines for any company that operates a passenger transport service without accreditation would be increased from $30,000 for each offence to $35,000 for a first offence and $50 000 for each subsequent offence.

“The safety of passengers must be our number one priority and these new penalties are designed to give peace of mind to people who use any of these services that drivers and vehicles have been assessed as safe to be out on the road,” said Mullighan.

“The Government has been working with all stakeholders to adapt to the changes but with these significant reforms, it is also vital to ensure that we have the powers needed to make sure those who breach the law are held to account.”
Earlier this year, InDaily revealed Uber had reached agreement with Adelaide Airport to pick up passengers there, in a major blow to the state’s taxi industry.

The airport allocated a 16-bay parking area on the western edge of its car park as a dedicated pickup location for ride-share vehicles.
InDaily this morning asked Uber to comment on the success, or otherwise, of its dedicated Adelaide Airport pickup location, but the company did not respond.

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by Jaymz » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:59 pm

I use a mixture of Uber and taxis, but mostly Uber these days....... who are no doubt cheaper and have the addition of some ideas that make the whole experience more user friendly.

I still like to use taxis when travelling to and from Adelaide airport on a weekly basis, which I've done for the past 5 years. They've never let me down with the booking service, as reliability is important when catching a 6am flight.

Interestingly though, thought i'd try my first Uber trip a month ago picking up at the airport. It was a non-peak time (10am) and the fare estimate was $18-$22, about exactly the same as a taxi. I'm guessing they've had to incur some sort of airport surcharge to keep it an even playing field with airport pick ups?? Anyways, I just ended up getting in a taxi instead.

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Re: Uber vs Taxi

Post by timtam20292 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:40 pm

I've had to run my cat to the vet a few times this week. Uber have been very good. I don't drive and I'm the only one at home at the moment.

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