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Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 11:17 pm
by Algernon
The ACC's capcity website had this development down at $5 million. Well, that site is officially useless:

Church dips toe in the Water with $100m proposal
Maurice Dunlevy
September 20, 2005
A PROPOSAL from the Catholic Church is one of three shortlisted for Adelaide's latest office tower, a $100 million "green" building for the state government-controlled SA Water.

The church, Perth's Caversham Group, and a local consortium are on the shortlist to develop the new tower.

A dozen office towers are already under construction or proposed for the Adelaide CBD, seven of which are being built. If the church's proposal proceeds, the new water authority office tower will be developed on the site of the old Tram Barn at 242-260 Victoria Square, directly opposite the new Commonwealth Law Courts being built at 1 Angas Street.

Proposed by the Catholic Church Endowment Society, the 16,000sqm Tram Barn redevelopment site, only a short distance from St Francis Xavier's Cathedral and St Aloysius College girls school, would include a mix of church and community facilities.

The Caversham proposal is at its massive City Central site, where the Commonwealth Property Office Fund has already paid $143 million for a yet to be completed building.

Situated at the corner of Franklin and Bentham streets, the site has been shortlisted along with a former telephone exchange building at 42-56 Franklin Street, which is controlled by private local interests.

The shortlist is a result of an expressions of interest campaign started almost a year ago for a 16,0000sqm, five-star, energy-rated building.

The planned office tower will consolidate three existing SA Water metropolitan offices.

They include a 77 Grenfell Street head office, which is owned by Sydney property investors Danny Goldberg and Greg Shand, who paid more than $41.7 million for the 20-storey building in 1993. SA Water chief executive Anne Howe said the preferred site for the new headquarters building would be announced next year.


So, we've got SA Water seeking a new HQ, and 3 proposals put forward. Tram Barn, Franklin St and City Central 3 (also on Franklin St) which Will started a thread on recently.


Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:00 am
by Pikey
Ehhhh, me thinks for the Skyline point of view, go the Tram Barn, but that site on Franklin would be a good 'un too. But I'm not sure if it refers to CC3 or the 5 level dump that has been sold for redevelopment.


Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:27 am
by Al
Definitely reckon the tram barn site is better. That should add a bit of balance for that side of Vic Square. It'll be sweet to see tallies surround vic Square. Maybe like Central Park on a small scale. :)


Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 2:14 pm
by Will
I would prefer to see a tower go up on the tram barn site, as it is currently an eyesore, specially the Angas street frontage.


Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 6:12 pm
by AG
I also believe that the tram barn site should be used for the redevelopment. It would certainly for good for activity in the south east of Victoria Square, plus the block immediately north of Victoria Square at City Central is already getting quite a bit of a rejuvenation.


Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 6:49 am
by Pants
Tram barn site it is then.

From the Sunday Mail:
High watermark

THE Catholic Church has won the tender to build the new $100 million SA Water headquarters in Victoria Square.

The world-class green energy building will be erected on the old tram depot site on Angas St behind the Catholic Cathedral.

The site, which was bought by the church from the State Government for $5.5 million in October last year, will be transformed into a 10 to 12-storey, five star energy-rated building.

Around 800 SA Water staff – presently working in Grenfell St, Thebarton and Bolivar – will be located in the new headquarters.

The Government has promised that when the Thebarton works depot at East Tce is abandoned the site will be returned to parklands.

The project will be developed by the Catholic Church Endowment Society, the commercial and legal arm of the church, which raises money for welfare and spiritual projects.

"This is our biggest commercial venture ever and it will generate significant funds to help the church fulfil its social and spiritual welfare missions," society spokeswoman Jane Swift said. "We believe we won the tender – which was vigorous and transparent – due to the excellence of our submission rather than being done any favour by the State Government."

The society will contract out the design, construction and finance of the project.

Hassell Architects have already been engaged by the Church to design the building.

Premier Mike Rann said he applauded the Catholic Church on its "sustainable approach to developing the old tram barn site".

"The design of this building presents South Australia with the opportunity to become a leader in world-class green office and laboratory design, with the project aiming for a 5-green-star rating."

Features of the new building include:

CHILLED water storage, enabling off-peak electricity to be used for cooling.

COLLECTION and reuse of rain water.

AN internal atrium to deliver daylight to each floor

RECYCLING and treatment of waste water for irrigation and external landscaping.

Construction of the building is due to begin in late 2006 and be completed in late 2008.

The SA Water building was part of a redevelopment plan which also includes the construction of a new gymnasium and at least six general learning areas for the adjacent St Aloysius College.

The gymnasium and learning areas will be on the same site but separate to the main office building, providing an addition to existing college facilities.


Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 10:13 am
by UrbanSG
Very exciting. Hopefully it will go ahead. 10-12 storeys is good for that site I reckon. 15 would have been perfect :D I am guessing it will be a large building as that site is fairly darn big, going with the trend of campus-style offices of late. Office market in Adelaide is still nice and strong so that's good. Victoria Square and streets near-by are definately the new area for office construction in Adelaide. Bit of a shame the northern end of town is being left slightly in the dark but good to spread out the developments as well. I am guessing more re-furbs for the north and new buildings to the south. Victoria Square will soon look amazing with all these new buildings. They need to get that Victoria Square redevelopment idea going again as it needs a major overhaul itself.


Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:48 am
by UrbanSG
Ran out and got the paper and here is the render, they only had it in black and white. From the Sunday Mail, 11/12/05 pg 8:



Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 3:55 pm
by Algernon
What I like is that the Thebarton site will be returned to parklands. This is the site right across from the Ice Arena, no? There's been talk of moving the cop shop on the other side of Port Road and reclaiming parklands there as well, but that's been going for years.

When you approach the city from Port road as I have for over 20 years, you really do get the raw deal in terms of aesthetics. Hopefully this is set to change.


Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 5:30 pm
by Howie
Time for Al to post what he's got i reckon ;)

btw what'd they write in the article today?


Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 8:34 pm
by Adelarch
v nice indeed 8)
I agree Vic Square is landing squarely in the 21st C with all the contemporary achitecture going up around it - just needs a public domain makeover to complement the achitecture...


Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 9:18 am
by Al

Colour version of the above render.

North and Western elevation.

Interior view.

Proposed location.


Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:32 am
by Pants
Bet you couldn't wait to post those mate.

Love it even more than the first time I saw it.

Will be one of my favourite buildings here when finished.


Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:40 am
by Howie
Victoria square's gonna have some nice architecture soon... CC, SA Water, Law Courts.

Al you're a gun :)


Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 3:08 pm
by Algernon
This question wil be lost on probably everyone, but do people think the square is starting to develop a Le Corbusier quality to it?