Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Victoria Square Redevelopment

Victoria Square Redevelopment

It's finally happening!  Check out the latest here.    

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Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

Check out the latest on Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

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Torrens Footbridge

Torrens Footbridge under construction

Check out the latest news on the Torrens Footbridge development.

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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

For more discussion on the redevelopment, along with links to the construction thread, read on

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Rundle Lantern takes out Architecture Awards

Rundle lantern goes home with three architecture awards.

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Light Square Proposal Approved

The DAC has recently approved the 74-80 Light Square Approval.  Click to read more.

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    The existing building has significant architectural merit, and they want to replace it with a yet-another-glass-box that seems to be the standard down the eastern end of Franklin St now. The building was heritage listed, but was removed at the owner's request. Personally I think this is a terrible way to decide what is worth keeping: Chapter manager Nicolette Dilernia said the church had value “if you are a fan of that ’60s modernist,...
    Last reply by Ben in CBD Development 7 minutes ago
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    A huge development. We will hear more about this one soon. This site: http://www.colliers.com.au/news/2015/ma ... 2yL1MB96Uk Description of Proposed Development: Demolition of existing structures and construction of a multi-level mixed use development comprising retail and commercial uses; hotel; student accommodation; residential and serviced apartments, including car parking, landscaping and site works. Detailed Land Uses: Residential - Residential Flat Building Tourist...
    Last reply by Ben in CBD Development 12 minutes ago
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    Well you'll always hear the guys over at railpage complaining about how Adelaide Station has been ruined. For the most part I agree, but in a way the old station did need a interior redesign. Even now it still does, the capacity of the station during peak hour is pathetic. Balconies on the building would make it even worse. At least the exterior of the building has remained largely untouched after the redevelopment of the area in the late 1980s. It isn't often in Adelaide that there are old...
    Last reply by Llessur2002 in CBD Development 14 minutes ago
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    I believe this is additional to the Enigma 8 development, sounds like it will be quite large. Type: Schedule 10 Application Number: S10/55/2015 Lodgement Date: 11/11/2015 Location: 1-8 North Terrace, ADELAIDE SA 5000 Description: Two mixed use residential towers and Hotel. Applicant Names: AZURE REALTY P/L
    Last reply by Brando in CBD Development 1 hour ago
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    Yep, but the circus will be over soon, Tony Abbott WILL be Prime Minister on the 14th of September, the Coalition will rise to power with the biggest parliamentary majority in Australian history and all will be fixed from that point on as they will have a mandate to do whatever it takes to fix this country. Polls have consistently shown an overwhelming majority of Australian's are certainly looking forward it. I've started to ignore any media on the dying ALP govt, all i'm interested in now is...
    Last reply by Raider in The Pub 1 hour ago

Adelaide CC - Submission by Hassell

This isn't what will be built at the Adelaide Convention Centre site, but rather a submission by Hassell in the open design comp.  Woods Bagot have won the tender for it's design, but just for a future point of reference i'll post up what Hassell came up with.


Hassell Entry

Hassell Entry

Thanks to Metro for the find.


More info on the Adelaide CC thread here.







CC8 / Aust Tax Office - U/C Update

Xaragmata has posted some more progress shots of City Central Tower 8 / ATO building in case you're interested to see how construction is moving along.



And here's an early render of the building from 2009.


For more pics and info, mosey onto our forum thread here.




Fullarton Living Choice - SWP

AG has noted that demolition has commenced on the site of Fullarton Living Choice.  Approval was granted in December for a retirement village to accommodate up to 333 residents in across two four storey buildings.

Residents appear to be glad to see the former Julia Farr building, which has fallen into disrepair, demolished.

Here's a render of the development posted by Wayno in December last year.

Fullarton Living Choice

More info in our forum thread here.


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