Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Victoria Square Redevelopment

Victoria Square Redevelopment

It's finally happening!  Check out the latest here.    

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Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

Check out the latest on Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

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Torrens Footbridge

Torrens Footbridge under construction

Check out the latest news on the Torrens Footbridge development.

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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

For more discussion on the redevelopment, along with links to the construction thread, read on

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Rundle Lantern takes out Architecture Awards

Rundle lantern goes home with three architecture awards.

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Light Square Proposal Approved

The DAC has recently approved the 74-80 Light Square Approval.  Click to read more.

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    great idea about Leigh St As for Gouger Street, the roadway needs major streetscaping. For a 1 laned, cafe and restaurant street, its ruled by cars. End the 45 degree carparks, narrow the roadway and increase the width of the footpaths. Gouger Street has way more potential than a car traffic funnel that it currently is Both Rundle and Gouger suffer from having a...
    Last reply by Patrick_27 in CBD Development 4 minutes ago
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    To start things off, the image below is a new LED display for next trains that are currently being installed at stations along the Noarlunga line to replace the existing enunciators (which are shocking). Hopefully some form of audio timetable will be reintroduced to help the visibly impaired.
    Last reply by drsmith in Infrastructure/Transport Development 6 minutes ago
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    Gateway to the Flavours of India Success begets success. When the efforts are sincere, intentions noble and the aspirations high, success is a natural byproduct. However, we don’t believe in resting on our laurels. We have always reinvented ourselves in our unswerving endeavor to offer unrivalled quality and taste.
    Last reply by ssangee in General Development Discussions 10 minutes ago
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    The existing building has significant architectural merit, and they want to replace it with a yet-another-glass-box that seems to be the standard down the eastern end of Franklin St now. The building was heritage listed, but was removed at the owner's request. Personally I think this is a terrible way to decide what is worth keeping: Chapter manager Nicolette Dilernia said the church had value “if you are a fan of that ’60s modernist,...
    Last reply by ghs in CBD Development 30 minutes ago
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    There's a multitude of new bars and night clubs opening in Adelaide so I thought I would take the liberty of starting a separate thread. Here's a few bars and clubs which are on the verge of opening : 1) Pop Bar @ Adelaide casino - opening tonight ( the 28th Aug ). 2) Atlantis - on Waymouth - where the Garage bar used to be. 3) Savvy Night club looks like it will re - open soon on Waymouth Street 4 ) A new club on Hindley Street next to the Crazy Horse. Looks like Adult Entertainment. I...
    Last reply by Nathan in CBD Development 2 hours ago

Adelaide tops cities survey, Sydney last

Adelaide tops cities survey, Sydney last

Adelaide is the country's best-planned and most functional city, while Sydney languishes in last place.

Property groups have commissioned a KPMG audit which ranks capitals on effective city planning, including managing population growth, traffic congestion, and housing affordability.

The audit found smaller cities like Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin functioned the best.

Adelaide shone for being affordable and well-planned, while Brisbane joined its smaller counterparts in scoring well. The Queensland capital was praised for having good planning policies.

At the other end of the scale, the big cities of Melbourne, Perth and Sydney ranked poorly.

Sydney was panned for being unaffordable with too much traffic; planning policies were not great and were not implemented properly.

Melbourne was a mixed bag. The auditors found that good planning policies were in place, but authorities failed to deliver on the ground.

The audit was commissioned by "Built Environment Meets Parliament" (BEMP), an alliance of property groups including the Property Council of Australia and the Australian Institute of Architects.

The average mark for capital cities was 55 per cent. BEMP said the audit was a wake-up call to the federal government to be more hands-on with capital city planning.

Canberra should set a national urban policy with targets, streamline planning approval, and get involved in land release, the group said.

BEMP will hold a summit in parliament house on Wednesday to talk about what should be done.


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Calling for contributions for S-A Vic Square submission

We're very excited about the proposed Vic Square redevelopment.

Sensational-Adelaide is currently compiling a feedback document for the Victoria Square redevelopment which will goto the Adelaide City Council for consideration.  We've opened a new forum where contributors can add to our submission thread set up by S-A member Wayno.  We encourage all members to have a say here.


Vic Square Masterplan Released

We haven't had a chance to analyse this yet, but for your viewing pleasure.

Vic Square Masterplan


For more discussion check out our forum thread here.



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