Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Victoria Square Redevelopment

Victoria Square Redevelopment

It's finally happening!  Check out the latest here.    

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Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

Check out the latest on Adelaide's Biomedical Precinct

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Torrens Footbridge

Torrens Footbridge under construction

Check out the latest news on the Torrens Footbridge development.

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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

For more discussion on the redevelopment, along with links to the construction thread, read on

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Rundle Lantern takes out Architecture Awards

Rundle lantern goes home with three architecture awards.

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Light Square Proposal Approved

The DAC has recently approved the 74-80 Light Square Approval.  Click to read more.

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  • 1592Replies
    They are energy efficiency disasters, make poor use of their blocks, will leak in high wind driven rain and will be horrendously expensive to maintain in 10 to 20 years as their finishes reach the end of their service life. well i have to agree there. Wasnt there some appaling stat about the amount of energy used by the homes in Mawson Lakes?
    Last reply by Honey of a City in CBD Development 6 minutes ago
  • 18Replies
    With the motorsport complex at Tailem Bend being given development approval and receiving federal funding, which will result in a second V8 round held in SA, it got me thinking. The F1 issue is polarizing, some want it back, some say good riddance. It's a loss making venture and costs tax payers millions every year in Melbourne. Of course I think it would be good to get it back one day. But in the mean time, with a second Supercars round on the cards, why not go one or two steps further and...
    Last reply by monotonehell in Visions & Suggestions 8 minutes ago
  • 3Replies
    What a great article! I can't believe you posted it in January and I've only just found it! Some very interesting stuff there, but also I had a sense that Adelaide and SA had not even been considered. For example, I'm sure that Adelaide has a greater proportion of South Australia's population than Perth does of WA's population, however the article states "Despite WA's vast size, 75 per cent of the population lives in its capital city - a greater concentration than in any other...
    Last reply by Vee in Beyond South Australia 35 minutes ago
  • 294Replies
    The Clipsal site is now officially on sale. Visit http://www.clipsalsiteforsale.com for more details. This is likely to be the location of Adelaides first true TOD. Expect more of the industrial land adjacent to this site being converted to residential/mixed use in the near future (once they have sorted out some major contamination issues). Description Adelaide’s most important inner urban land parcel representing enormous opportunity for a major developer to undertake...
    Last reply by thecityguy in Metropolitan Development 7 hours ago
  • 358Replies
    Ok so a train de-rails in Adelaide and they shut down the entire network. A train in Dusseldorf, Germany de-rails and gets banged up pretty bad in one of the underground tunnels, just 5 mins later they are able to route services around the affected track and continue like nothing happened, there are only 5-10min delays as a result. This just shows the urgency in which Adelaide's rail infrastructure need to be upgraded, in my opinion Adelaide Metro/TransAdelaide got rather lucky, those trains...
    Last reply by EBG in Infrastructure/Transport Development 10 hours ago

Press Release on Grenfell / Twin Street (The Jade Monkey) Development

The Hines Group have issued a press release on the much talked about Grenfell / Twin Street Hotel Development.


Grenfell / Twin Street

Grenfell/Twin Street hotel development – The Jade Monkey

Hines Property plans to begin construction later this year on a new $65 million, 17-storey hotel development on the corner of Grenfell Street and Twin Street in the Adelaide CBD.

In October last year, Hines Property informed all tenants of the existing buildings on the site, including the Jade Monkey, that leases would not be renewed. The Jade Monkey lease expires in December this year.

Construction works will include demolition of the buildings on site, none of which are heritage-listed, with the new hotel to include 300 guest rooms and suites, food and beverage facilities, conference and meeting spaces, business lounge and a fitness centre.

More discussion on our forums here.


Adelaide Casino Development Concept

S-A member Ben, spotted a new renders of the Adelaide Casino redevelopment in their 1st half profits announcement.


Local newspaper reports :

SKYCITY wants to build a boutique hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking the River Torrens as part of the riverbank redevelopment.

The owner of the Adelaide Casino said it wants to build a "truly world class integrated entertainment facility" including a five star hotel, signature restaurants and bars, a spa and roof top pool lounge and international VIP gambling suites.

But the company has flagged again that the State Government will have to deliver concessions for the redevelopment to go ahead.

"We are working closely with the Casino Task Force regarding the future regulatory framework for the Adelaide Casino," the company said yesterday.

"The outcome of these discussions will allow us to determine whether to proceed or not with progressing our plans for the transformation of the Adelaide Casino.

"While we are excited about the outstanding growth opportunity this transformational project potentially represents for SkyCity, shareholders should be assured that this project will only proceed if we can be confident of achieving an acceptable return on the potential investment."

The company has been in negotiations with the State Government for the past few years on the conditions surrounding any potential development, which it has previously costed at $250 million.

The company has been pushing for changes to the regulations which govern the casino, arguing the 43.5 per cent tax it pays is the highest in the nation, and that restrictions on some types of games which can be played should be relaxed.

The casino has been performing well, with SkyCity annoncing yesterday that its half year before tax profit in Adelaide was 12.9 per cent higher at $19.2 million.

Revenue was up 6.9 per cent at $82.6 million.

The casino's poker machines raked in an extra nine per cent, or $33 million, in the six months to the end of December, and table games revenue increased more than 7 per cent to $41 million.

Other aspects of the riverbank redevelopment continue to progress, with a call for tenders to design the footbridge connecting Adelaide Oval and the southern side of the Torrens open until February 28.

Expressions of interest are also being sought for private sector involvement in the revitalisation of the Riverbank precinct - a $394 million project which includes the expansion of the convention centre.

This is in addition to the $535 million Adelaide Oval redevelopment.

Preliminary works have already started at the oval, with major construction work to start after the cricket season finishes.

For more discussion see our forum thread here.


Lord Mayor Weighs In on CBD Planning Debate

Lord Mayor and Sensational-Adelaide Member weighs in on the CBD Planning review debate local newspaper reports.



LORD Mayor Stephen Yarwood says a review of CBD planning rules must send a strong message that Adelaide wants progress and growth.

Mr Yarwood said the city council agreed there was a need for change and the new system had to balance clearing development red tape with promoting high design standards.

The Advertiser on Saturday reveal the State Government was considering raising maximum building heights in key CBD precincts as part of a zoning review that will also examine density and design.

Mr Yarwood said delivering the review would be the council's top priority in 2012.

"There is a chance for reform and it would be disappointing if we just tinkered around the edges when we can actually send a message," he said yesterday.

"There are parts of the city where I know for a fact that the vast majority of councillors are not afraid to have a discussion on building heights.

"The city wants development, the city wants progress  and we want to make it easier."

However, there are sections of the 12-person council expected to resist "overdevelopment" of the city.

Planning Minister John Rau claims hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment is in "deep freeze" as developers struggle with an outdated and overly restrictive regime.

Urban Development Institute of Australia executive director Terry Walsh said many city developers only needed permission to add a few extra stories to make proposed buildings financially viable.

"If we're trying to get more residents in the city, we need to update our policy so at least we can cater for the 30-year plan."

Adelaide architect Paul Pruszinski's ultra-modern plans for a residential building on Flinders St and a Light Square office block have both been opposed by the council's Development Assessment Panel.

"Adelaide is not a museum  it is a city that must be permitted to continue to improve," he said. "Developers have walked away from the Adelaide CBD because of its antiquated development restrictions."

The Government is expected to finalise a new CBD development "rule book" by mid year.

The current regime has a mix of recommended maximum building heights, ranging from two storeys to 103m in precincts north of Victoria Square.

Most new development is capped at 60m. The Government argues change is needed to deliver 15,040 new dwellings for 27,300 more people by 2040.


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