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by bva
Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:19 pm
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] SAPOL Headquarters | 40m | 11lvls | Office
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there might be demand but there is much more developer's profit to be made in a 10 storey groundscraper than a twently storey tower if land prices are reasonable

while i like more towers in the skyline i think the cbd will only get more flesh on the bones b4 any more tall towers are built
by bva
Fri Sep 08, 2006 12:40 am
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] 374-400 King William Street | 47m | 11lvls | Office
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after a quick read of the ACC DP it appears to me that the Council is seeking a bouelvard approach with defined edges to the southern part of King william street, leading into a central core more exemplified by clusters of taller buildings (albeit reinforcind adelaide's grid pattern). This central s...
by bva
Thu Aug 24, 2006 2:40 am
Forum: Infrastructure/Transport Development
Topic: News & Discussion: Adelaide Metro Buses
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i bet this solar powered bus funding would be through a 'ring fenced' budget stream so not spending it here would not possibly not mean other enviro improvements. I support this bus initiative as 'public' measures and trialling emerging technology only benefit in the longer term
by bva
Thu Aug 24, 2006 2:37 am
Forum: The Pub
Topic: Discover Australia's Best Kept Hidden Secret
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i am definitely not negative about SA when i talk to people here in London. In fact, with my intervention quite a few work colleagues have visited SA and loved it!! Actually what is annoying me is the new jacobs creek wine advert here (crap wine I know, but popular) which shows beautiful barossa sce...
by bva
Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:31 pm
Forum: General Development Discussions
Topic: News & Discussion: Planning & Building Regulations
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dont forget that respondents for Cat 3 non complying have a right of appeal also the act allows for council to refuse a non-complying at the initial stage of lodgement - in some cases this decision is not delegated but made by DAP - a change in the DAP structure may allow some non-complying applicat...