Rundle Street

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Rundle Street

Post by Tyler_Durden »

Hi guys. My first post on this great site that I recently stumbled upon.

I just wanted to share a couple of ideas that I have that could help improve the vibe and aesthetics of one of my very favourite Adelaide streets - Rundle Street. And to hear what others have to say.

My love for Rundle Street probably comes from a few things. It is classy, has many elegant old buildings and, in my opinion, is the centrepiece of arguably our city's most famous attribute - great eating (yes, the wineries are more famous but not in the city as such). What specifically makes it so great, I'm not sure. It just is. It's a great street.

Anyway, I'll stop beating around the bush and get to my point. Here are a couple of things I'd like to see in Rundle Street:

1 - Made into a one way street and reduce the speed limit to 40km/h. To me Rundle Street is not, or if it is it should not be, a thoroughfare. Leave that to the larger streets either side like North Terrace and Grenfell. A benefit of this is to cut down the traffic flow of such a populated street, making it even more pedestrian friendly. Another part of this is that it would reduce the width of the street allowing for more alfresco dining, better footpath scenery such as seating, greenery or even street art.

2 - Give the street a new surface, something along the lines of cobblestones or paving. The idea came to me recently walking down the southern side of Rundle Street and noticing the couple of small paved areas down side streets (the small street next to Illy's is one of them). I though how great it would look if the entire street was done in the same style.

Adding these type of features would, I believe, really add to the European feel of Rundle street that I think already exists to some extent, and further emphasise its uniqueness.

Any thoughts?
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Post by AtD »

There was an article about the need for a Rundle Street upgrade splashed across the page of last week's City Messenger. Jist of it, needs better paths, better lighting (in awnings and such), better parking and more greenery. Don't know if the council has any plans though.

They do want to have Time-Square style billboards on the two prison-bar carparks on the mall end.

One way is a good idea, the less traffic the better. :)
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Post by Howie »

I agree, but with a one way street parking at the target carpark and the upark across the road might be more difficult. But if they could do it, that would be excellent.

As for the speed limit, i'm not sure what sort of affect this would have on a friday/saturday night anyhow.
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