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When's the ANZ due to open on the ground floor? It'd be nice for it to finally have an active street frontage.
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Whilst we are discussing CC8 here is a pic of CC1 and CC2 at night from the real commercial website. Noticed driving past that the ANZ bank on the ground floor of CC2 finally seems to be being fitted out after a year.

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Thanks for the comments on the pics taken from the elevated window opposite Ernst & Young, i took them both.
Promise to post more pics this year on this site
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Post by Ben »

ANZ's new branch to open Monday


April 22, 2009 12:00pm

ANZ will open a branch in its South Australian headquarters - more than two years after putting its name on the building.

The $2 million City Central branch on Waymouth St, which will open for customers next Monday, was to be opened soon after the bank affixed its logo in February 2007.

A spokeswoman said the bank delayed the move because it received engineering advice that the floors needed to be reinforced to support the safe.

"We had planned to move into the new branch at an earlier date, however the opening was delayed due to engineering advice,'' she said.

"But we are delighted to be opening the new branch for customers and we thank them for their patience.''

The new branch is larger than the existing Grenfell St branch, and also benefits from City Central's 5-star Green Star rating.

The Grenfell St branch will close at the end of business this Thursday.
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Great pictures! It's my first time visiting this forum but I just read through most of this thread going back about 2 or 3 years and it has been amazing following this building. Thanks for sharing all this.
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