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[Read This] - Guide to Navigating the Development Forum

#1 Post by Howie » Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:01 pm

For each project...
...the following format is used in the title:
Project Status: Project Name or Address | Height above ground level | Levels above ground(optional sub levels) | Usage

U/C: 374-400 King William Street | 47m | 11lvl | Office

For multi building complexes...
...like office campuses, facilities or housing developments, thread titles are assigned as:
Project Status: Project Name | Type (eg commercial, mixed use, residentual) | Number of homes, hectares, or other relevant statistic
There should be both a thread for the project's masterplan and individual threads for any significant buildings (as above).

U/C: Lion Estates | 2500 homes 219ha
PRO: Adelaide Oval | Western Grandstand Redevelopment
U/C: North Terrace | Streetscape Upgrades Stage 3

Abbreviations for Project Status
Note that these can be selected from the "Topic Prefix" menu when creating the thread.
  • VIS: VISion (not yet submitted to authority)
  • PRO: PROposed (submitted to authority, awaiting approval)
  • APP: APProved by authority
  • DEF: DEFerred by authority
  • REJ: REJected by authority
  • ONH: ON Hold
  • SWP: Site Works in Progress
    - foundation work commenced; including the excavation of forms for foundations
    - Note any site preparation, demolition of existing structures, clearing / leveling soil, ribbon cutting or sod turning ceremonies do not count as starting of site works in progress
  • U/R: Under Renovation
    - where not a new build, old structure is undergoing external renovation
  • U/C: Under Construction
    - actual building progress is being made
  • COM: COMpleted
    - Tennant ready


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