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Developments in Regional South Australia. Including Port Lincoln, Victor Harbor, Wallaroo, Gawler and Mount Barker.
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#46 Post by Al » Fri Dec 15, 2006 11:05 am

I don't see what all the fuss is about. At Hong Kong airport and Kuala Lumpur airports, you're shuttled around using light rail and it's no problems. Don't see why a little bus ride causes so much discussion.

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#47 Post by Will » Fri Dec 15, 2006 4:38 pm

From the Advertiser.
Roo with a $50m view

December 15, 2006 12:15am
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WITH three pubs and a new daughter on the go, Crows legend Mark Ricciuto is prepared for a busy life after footy.
Yesterday, the eight-time All-Australian AFL footballer visited his latest venture - a $50 million, seven-storey hotel on the beachfront in Port Lincoln.
The hotel, which is leased by Ricciuto, teammate Simon Goodwin and hotelier Peter Hurley, is expected to open in October next year.
"The structure is basically completed, and now it is up to us to deck out the interior over the next 10 months or so," Ricciuto said.
It is estimated the Ricciuto consortium, which leases the hotel from multi-millionaire businessman Sam Sarin, will spend $4.3 million on fitting out the hotel.
It will cost Mr Sarin an estimated $45 million to build the 111-room hotel complex.
Ricciuto, Goodwin and Hurley already are involved in the Alma Tavern and Kensington Hotel.
"We've done different things with the Alma and Kensington by renovating existing structures but to be involved in a hotel which started from scratch and see what it's like now is really exciting," Ricciuto, 31, said.
The Adelaide captain admits there is "not much footy" left in him, saying it was imperative to plan for when his sporting career ended. "While I'm playing footy, it will always be my No. 1 priority but it is important to have some plans in place for life after footy," Ricciuto said.
"(Working more in the pubs) all depends on how long my legs will hold up to running around AAMI Stadium."
Ricciuto's partner Sarah Delahunt last month gave birth to their first child, Sophie Jane.
Ricciuto was in Port Lincoln with Peter Hurley and his wife Jenny.

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#48 Post by Pistol » Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:25 pm

Can't believe that this project has gone up so fast!

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#49 Post by Algernon » Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:16 am

I was in Lincoln last week, was interesting to have a look at this project.

At the moment the site looks hideous from the back, and I don't hold great hopes for an improvement. The frontage will probably come up good. You get a nice view of the building as you walk along the esplanade, it really dominates. Heaps of the locals hate it :lol: Especially everyone behind who had their views killed :lol:

I originally thought this sort of hotel would be an awesome tourism spot, but it really isn't. The hotel is situated on is a really shit beach. In fact, it's an artificial beach which feels more like dirt than sand, because it is. It's also littered with jellyfish. Not little baby jellyfish like Semaphore/West Lakes Shore. I'm talking absolutely massive dead bluebottle jellyfish, everywhere. Nobody swims there (except for this small shark netted area next to the jetty :lol:).

To find a nice beach (and I do mean niiiiiiiiice!!!! beach), you need to hop in a 4WD and head through the national park to an area like Wreck Beach. All of Lincoln's sensational holiday spots are at least half an hour in a 4WD away. Unless this 111 room hotel has 111 complimentary 4WDs, there'll be nothing for guests to do in Lincoln besides get pissed at the Tasman.

For this sort of development to work Lincoln will need a lot more complimentarycommercial development on the esplanade.

And ffs, lose the Makybe Diva statue, it's an embarrassment :lol:

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#50 Post by Algernon » Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:38 am

crawf wrote:how much did the plane trip cost?
99 there, 99 back.

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Approval for $400m housing project

#51 Post by Ben » Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:21 pm

Approval for $400m housing project

December 20, 2006 12:15am

A $400 MILLION housing development will be built north of Port Lincoln after the proposal won final planning approval.

The first of 1000 "detached and medium-density" homes will go up within 12 months.

The 700ha site at Point Boston is located 12km from Port Lincoln and overlooks a natural harbour three times the size of Sydney Harbour.

The project was given the go-ahead last week by the District Council for Lower Eyre Peninsula's Development Assessment Panel.

The final tick in the planning process followed a "rigorous review" of the development by council to ensure the conditions for DAP approval, set out in the Planning Amendment Review approved in December last year, were met.

The PAR changed development plan zoning to allow development on Point Boston.

The project, driven by Adelaide-based developer John Culshaw, is expected to take from six to 10 years.

The first stage – 47 allotments in the East Bay precinct – are priced between $164,000 and $325,000 for beachfront blocks.

Other allotments, all with sea views, range in price from $82,000 to $185,000.

Several dual dwelling lots are priced from $45,000 a dwelling.

The largest coastal project in SA, Point Boston is one of the few places left with the sea at its doorstep and native vegetation, of which large parts remain intact, as a backdrop.

Mr Culshaw's company, Pentroth, also was responsible for Adelaide's Halifax St low-rise housing complex, the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel in the city and the award-winning Majestic Oasis hotel/motel complex in Port Augusta.

Point Boston marketing director Rick Harcourt said Port Lincoln, with its buoyant fishing and tourism industries, was set to join the boom towns of Western Australia, the NSW north coast and the Gold Coast.

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#52 Post by Ho Really » Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:59 pm

Al wrote:I don't see what all the fuss is about. At Hong Kong airport and Kuala Lumpur airports, you're shuttled around using light rail and it's no problems. Don't see why a little bus ride causes so much discussion.
Don't compare those systems at HKIA and KLIA to what is offered in Adelaide. Those are regional hubs with huge traffic (especially HK). Things here for regional airlines could have been better.


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#53 Post by Walkinshaw » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:37 am

Algernon wrote:For this sort of development to work Lincoln will need a lot more complimentarycommercial development on the esplanade.
.....something tells me there might be one

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#54 Post by Walkinshaw » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:39 am

Pistol78 wrote:Can't believe that this project has gone up so fast!
L6 concrete pours were complete 19th Decmeber. Not bad progress

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Marina for Boston Island

#55 Post by shuza » Wed May 02, 2007 4:23 pm

Marina, housing plan for Boston IslandRHIANNON HOYLE, REAL ESTATE EDITOR
May 02, 2007 02:15am

THE viability of a proposed residential, marina and tourism development on Boston Island at Port Lincoln will be examined by a new State Government study.

A plan amendment report, to be announced today by Urban Development and Planning Minister, Paul Holloway, will consider rezoning the island to allow for a project proposed by owner and Port Lincoln Mayor Peter Davis.
The process will include comprehensive public consultation.

As Boston Island is outside the Port Lincoln Council area, South Australia's Development Act allows the minister to initiate a plan amendment report.

The plans, drawn up by planning and urban design group, QED, include two marina areas, a heli-pad, walking trails, four access "landing" points and pockets of homes. There also will be two near-beach areas for tourist projects.

In preparing plans, Mr Davis hoped for about 1000 housing allotments to be zoned on the island. Only about 200 are zoned.

Mr Holloway said a report draft would be prepared for public comment. This will cover such issues as:

THE potential impact on water quality and aquaculture industries.

WASTE and stormwater disposal.

RAINWATER harvesting.


ACCESS to and from the island.

"This will give the Port Lincoln community, the local council and any other interested parties an opportunity to have their say about the development of Boston Island," he said. "Any development on the island will need to be carefully managed to preserve its natural features." The mixed development project is intended to retain much of its national park, which takes up about half of the 1000ha island.

Mr Holloway, however, emphasised the initiation of the report did not commit him or the Government to a policy outcome. "It simply provides a process to examine whether the island should be re-zoned for this proposed development," he said.
This is good news for Port Lincoln. I've always preffered that town as South Australia's second city.

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#56 Post by crawf » Wed May 02, 2007 6:53 pm

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#57 Post by bmw boy » Mon May 28, 2007 10:15 pm

Im surpirsed that everyone seems to like the old render over the new one

i think the new one looks great.... and the old one for me looks too much like something from the jetsons

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Re: Marina for Boston Island

#58 Post by stumpjumper » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:14 pm

I agree. Port Lincoln is a natural for further development (subject to adequate water supply).

Although Peter Davis is the owner of Boston Island, phrases like "A plan amendment report...will consider rezoning the island to allow for a project proposed..." are becoming standard procedure where large developments and big developers are concerned.

What worries me about this trend, if it is one, is that because the PAR/rezoning process is usually only available to large developments and big developers, the civic landscape tends to evolve as big development would have it, and not as the individual property owners would have it.

There can be a considerable difference in the two scenarios. A large commercial developer wants to maximise saleable square metres of land, and is even capable of distorting the results against community interests, while the private homebuilder, influenced by the local council, will usually build according to the existing development plan for the area.

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Re: Seaside hotel complex to bring in the tourists

#59 Post by ozisnowman » Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:30 pm

04 December 2007 - Port Lincoln Times

It’s open - Hotel officially starts trading

THE Port Lincoln Hotel opened yesterday with owner Sam Sarin announcing another 60 rooms could be added to the 111-room hotel within two years.
The extra rooms, which have been incorporated into the design, would be added at the back of the hotel where the lifts are.

Mr Sarin poured the first beer, a Coopers Pale Ale, to open the hotel.

Lessee Peter Hurley is optimistic about the coming months and is expecting a busy December followed by some exciting events in January, including the official opening.

“And a very prominent wedding reception will set Port Lincoln alight I’m sure.”

Mr Hurley said the extra rooms were part of the plan if bookings were strong enough to support the expansion.

“Sam (Sarin) is absolutely optimistic – and his visions have all been accurate so far – that we’ll need 60 more rooms and he’s keen to start planning them sooner rather than later.”

Mr Hurley said the Port Lincoln Hotel was his first major regional hotel investment from start up and it was a first for the State.

“This is the most substantial tourism infrastructure development in the entire history of South Australia.

“There has never ever been anything as significant as this development in regional South Australia.

“It’s a tribute to the nature of the Sarin Group and Sam Sarin personally.”

Lessee Mark Ricciuto has been coming to Port Lincoln since the early 1990s and said the timing was “spot on” for the opening of the hotel

“It looked like Port Lincoln was ready to take the next step.”

He said he didn’t have any permanent plans for the future but would be spending quite a bit of time in Port Lincoln.

Since Ricciuto’s retirement from the Adelaide Crows, Port Lincoln Football League recruiters may be keen for him to take up a local contract but he said he was not going to commit to one particular team.

“I’m going to stay neutral.

“I don’t know how the body would go; it’s a bit tired at the moment.”

Now that the hotel is open for business, Mr Sarin’s next project will be stage 2b of the Lincoln Cove marina, including 200 allotments, private Lutheran school Navigator College and a 200 home retirement village, plus a further 300 houses in the next stage of development.

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Re: Seaside hotel complex to bring in the tourists

#60 Post by thechap » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:44 pm

Go Roo!! Sorry - I'm still wiping back the tears from his retirement. Hope this development really takes off - he's right - lincoln is primed...
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